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When I started college, Sparta was my band, man.  Although they have multiple amazing tunes, which will likely be found later in the TBT archives, this was my all time favorite off their first album when the two halves of At The Drive In split (the other half turned into The Mars Volta, which I can’t stand).

Echodyne Harmonic!

A classic, especially because the show wasn’t expecting this song.  A great reminder that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, were, actually, punk as fuck.

A band I never got into, but now, I wish I had.  This is such an interesting tune!


One of my family’s favorite tunes, and so smashingly gorgeous.  Holds up so, so well!

Remember when Linkin Park and Jay Z did a collaboration?  I DO!

Still the best album for crappy days, the one I listen to when everything goes wrong.  Listen to the whole album:

A notable highlight:

Classic, and doesn’t get enough play anymore.

My all-time favorite love song, and a lost classic of Motown.  Frank never gets his due!

My mom saw these guys at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor back in the 1970s.  Classic.