hardcore and inspiration

Posted: March 27, 2014 in exercise, punk
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remember them?!

i started exercising when i was in high school, running in the summertime.  it coincided with my introduction to hardcore, most notably the [kick ass] band Walls of Jericho.

i would run and dream about someday meeting the bands i would listen to, explaining how their music had inspired me to exercise, and of course, lose 60 pounds or so.

ah, youth.

i was thinking about this today; i was running on a beach, which is not my normal place nor my favorite pastime.  i hate sand and hate the ocean, but that’s not pertinent for our purposes today.  read more and be inspired!

while running, i was roasting two of my favorites, Stick to Your Guns and the

TGI, crushing it

Ghost Inside.  I love these guys because most of what they talk about is positive, about overcoming obstacles and following dreams.  STYG is notable for its intense interest in social justice issues (they are amazing.  seriously, start listening to this band).  and I realized this morning that i don’t really use hardcore as inspiration to get thinner anymore.  just as inspiration to push through a hard workout.  and that was totally new!

health at every size talks about the importance of learning to move just for the joy of movement, to exercise because it feels awesome, triggers endorphins and makes your body work better.  you can’t control what your body does, just the behavior that makes it healthier.  i can’t make myself lose 10 pounds, but i can work to incorporate more vegetables into my diet and run two days a week instead of one.  we only control behavior.  and i’m finally starting to enjoy my body’s function without wishing for something different.

what do you use for inspiration?  what makes you feel powerful, strong and inspired?

happy thursday, everyone!  it won’t be forever, but it will be for now!

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