Leave Marshawn Lynch Alone

Posted: January 29, 2015 in sports
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Both my local news and CNN were full of Marshawn Lynch for the past couple of days.  Honestly, I’d never heard of the guy; I’m not what you’d call a sports fan and I certainly don’t care what a football player has to say (even when it’s amazing quotes about balls).  Despite my lack of interest, however, the news saturation has forced an opinion out of me.

For Pete’s sake, leave Marshawn Lynch alone!

Apparently the NFL has a policy that players must talk to the press or face serious fines.  Marshawn is not a big fan; the press conference I’ve seen has him saying “thank you” to every question, or answering with “you know why I’m here” and “I’m here so I don’t get fined.”  It’s hilarious.

This morning CNN reported he may get fined for wearing “unapproved hats.”  Seriously?

Leaving aside the utterly ridiculous fact that the NFL is technically a nonprofit, this is absurd.  WHO CARES about his flippin’ hat?

This is the problem with overarching rules, a lot of the time.  They’re probably there for a reason (like to make sure players who behave badly, like [too many to list], have to be accountable at least a little to the press) but the enforcement gets ridiculous.

Lynch hasn’t done anything wrong (at least not publically, since his 2012 DUI).  He’s a great player (watch the following for proof).  He stated he doesn’t like talking to the press because of his upbringing (because winning games is about the team) and being forced into it.

So why do we keep forcing him?  Can’t we just talk to the other dudes on his team, who’d probably love some publicity?

Better yet, why do we talk to these folks at all?  Maybe if we cared a bit less about this baloney we could have actual news on our news stations.  Just a thought.

(however, this run is sick.)

  1. As much as i think Lynch is an arrogant, rude person, he back it all up on the field. Come follow and keep up with my blog!!!

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