Simple Driving Rules

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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missdaisyI fully understand the irony of what I’m about to do here.  Most of my practice and almost all of my writing tackles expectations – negative emotions come when our expectations don’t match up with reality.  The catchier way to say this – the tyranny of the should.

Things should be a certain way.  People should act like this.  I shouldn’t have to feel this/deal with this.


Me, driving.

One of my guiltier pleasures is mild road rage.  Though it has never escalated (due, no doubt, to my excellent grasp of anger management) I tend to talk to other drivers on the road almost constantly.  And although this is a lot of “should”, I believe if we all followed these simple rules, the road would be a happier place.



USE YOUR BLINKER!  No one knows what you’re doing, stopped in the middle of the lane like that.  No one knows you’re changing lanes.  No one knows you’re getting ready to parallel park.  THAT’S WHAT A BLINKER IS FOR.forget_world_peace_use_your_turn_signal_postcard-r4e54f10308f24109bb817be7be478855_vgbaq_8byvr_324

If the lane is ending, that does NOT mean you should drive 15 over the speed limit, then slam your brakes and horn when people don’t let you in.  (without a blinker)



Stop signs = taking turns.  Did someone just go next to you?  Then it’s probably NOT YOUR TURN.



Generally, the speed limit is about the speed you should be driving on a road.  If it’s not snowing and/or raining so hard you can’t see, and there are no children or animals in the immediate vicinity, driving 5 miles an hour is probably not an appropriate speed.



The left lane is for PASSING.  If you want to drive 70, you probably shouldn’t park in the left lane on the highway.  Pass someone (it’s acceptable to go a bit faster when doing so), then GET BACK OVER.



Biking? RIDE WITH TRAFFIC.  You’re being stupid.  And illegal.


notice how the bikes and cars are POINTING THE SAME WAY


Walking?  WALK AGAINST TRAFFIC (when there are no sidewalks).  You’re being stupid.  Plus, this way you can see cars coming and avoid being a person pancake.

Children dangerously walk along a foot bridge in Northeast to go to and from school.

these kids are doing it right.  great job, kids.

In a high traffic area?  Coming up on a stoplight?  DON’T GO THROUGH UNLESS THERE’S ENOUGH ROOM FOR YOU.  Otherwise you’re going to be the asshole who makes everyone else stroke out behind the wheel.




Ok, those are the basics.  Did I miss any?  What are your road rage triggers?  Leave it in the comments for catharsis (extra points for funny pictures!)

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