Posted: March 8, 2016 in evidence based policy, Uncategorized
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Every time I vote in my town, I am humbled.

I live in a city with a huge immigrant population.  Every time there’s an election, I am surrounded by folks coming to vote, with their citizenship papers, or their voter registrations, or their passports and licenses.  Some speak broken English; some speak no English at all.  Our signs are in Bengali, Arabic, English, and Polish.

Every person in the hall is so excited to vote, the energy in the room is palpable.  These are folks who are working and living in this county, whose children attend our city’s schools, and are my neighbors and friends.  My community takes voting seriously.  Because it matters – because it still matters.

No matter how jaded or cynical I become, or how disillusioned with our political process (and I am), all I have to do is walk into my precinct on election day, and I am revitalized.

Citizenship matters, and voting is the most fundamental act we have as citizens.  I hope you take advantage of this beautiful gift.  I hope you fulfill your civic duty.  But most of all, I hope you are excited to be a citizen and to make your voice heard.

I voted.  Did you?

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