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This fucking guy, right here.

Let’s get this out of the way – generally, I am not a big fan of internet trolls.  Most of my friends in college would share epic trolls with each other, laughing hysterically at those targeted when they became upset and angry.

I get it – it’s funny to make someone really mad about something you don’t care about.

However, most of what bothers me about it is its sheer pointlessness – what are you actually proving, besides the fact that you’re an asshole?

The best thing so far that’s come out of the horrendous election last week is the movement of donations to Planned Parenthood.  The best thing I’ve read about this movement is that you can donate in honor of Mike Pence, who is famously against reproductive health and justice (alongside his many other awful policies).

Any donation in his name means he will be getting a certificate of donation mailed to him at his mansion.  One could almost picture the shaking, red-faced annoyance of the aide who has to throw away yet another reminder that we support reproductive justice and access to health care for all, regardless of income.


If you’d like to do it in honor of Mike Pence, his address is:

Office of Governor Mike Pence
State House
Room 206
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797

If you’re going to troll someone, do it with purpose, and do it so that a greater good comes out of it.  Hell yeah, internet!


Not too long ago, I heard an amazing episode of “On the Media”, broadcast on NPR.  They talked about nihilism, mostly throughout history, although addressing some feelings that our collective society has gone to hell, that nihilism is on the rise.

I’ve never been a nihilist (another reason I’ve been a mediocre punk) because I think people caring is the only reason to keep going; doing good for each other, informing yourself and others, keeping the world in mind is a force, one I’ve never completely lost faith in.

However, this episode talked about the idea of “political nihilism“, when one stops caring about politics in society, feeling its meaningless to care, because no change is possible.  I feel this way more and more.

come on, who’s going to win this one?