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i had to get gas the other day.

shocking, i know.  i drive a car to work, mostly because i’m usually using my vehicle for work-related supply pickups, because i just got a new bike, and because i work in a crappy neighborhood.  and also, rain is always possible and i hate rain, amirite?

i went to a gas station in my neighborhood, where two different dudes called me baby while i was at the pump.  i walked in to pay, and said “excuse me” to the man coming out.  he said “that’s okay sexy, you go on wit your sexy little badass self.”  ugh.

stop telling women to smile

i’ve written about street harassment before, and how it raises up a bunch of conflict in me.  but i hate and have always hated being called baby or sexy in public.

for about three years i told everyone who called me baby that baby was not my name, and that this was inappropriate.  i’m tired.  i don’t like weighing the good done by telling someone to fuck off versus the vitriol and nastiness that comes my way when i don’t like “compliments.”

leave me the fuck alone.  get your gas, say excuse me like a human being, and be done.