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#TBT Song’O’The Week

Posted: October 8, 2015 in #TBT Song'O'The Week
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Starting a new feature – each Thursday, I’ll post a song that you might have liked back in the day, a nostalgia song, or a song I forgot about and discovered again.  Because this is the Shame Dynamic, and that’s what we do here,  it will definitely center around old punk, metal, electronic or underground rock songs.

yep, and this.

If you’ve got an idea for a song to feature, please shoot me an email – otherwise, enjoy.

Today’s Throwback Thursday song:

Disregard the Runner-Up, by Kicked in the Head.

This is one of those tunes you can only find on a Warped Tour comp (remember when those used to be good?!).  Back in two thousand aught three, this was my jam; it’s the best tune to be blasted with windows down, rolling fast down the street.  Too bad very little of Kicked in the Head’s other music was decent.

Party down!  Happy Thursday!