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#TBT Song’O’The Week

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Darkest Hour: The Sadist Nation

I don’t know if this counts as a throwback, since it only came out a few years ago, but heck, I’m going to go ahead and count it.  I love this band, their energy, that they’re playing hardcore punk.  I love them.  You should too.

Cerebral Ballzy: Don’t Tell Me What To Do

Daniel Johnston has a really sad story.  Actually, he has about fifteen albums full of really sad stories.  I love this song, though, because it’s a little happy sounding…for better or worse, I still like to listen on a sunny day.  I also love him because he’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and is still super important in the indie music scene.

Daniel Johnston: Impossible Love

He Is Legend was a band I never liked much; it seemed all the hipster emo kids at the radio station were waaaaay too into them, and heaven forbid I like something everyone else liked.  Plus, they were a bit whiny for my taste.  This song, however, found it’s way into my consciousness (likely on a hastily composed mixtape), and showed up on my Spotify recommendations a few weeks ago.  I figured I’d take the hint and listen again.

He Is Legend: The Seduction

When I started college, Sparta was my band, man.  Although they have multiple amazing tunes, which will likely be found later in the TBT archives, this was my all time favorite off their first album when the two halves of At The Drive In split (the other half turned into The Mars Volta, which I can’t stand).

Echodyne Harmonic!


I have no real aversion to firearms.  I might be getting more libertarian in my old age, where privacy and individual rights are taking on a position of more and more importance. What bothers me about the gun debate is how passionate and emotional people get about guns, on both sides of the issues, without truly emphasizing the facts we know.

It has been said that statistics can lie, be cherrypicked to support whatever position you’re going to stand behind.  I have researched guns and gun violence extensively, and while there are many pro-gun websites and information hubs full of useful and appropriate positions, I double-checked sources and had difficulty verifying many claims.  Below are  studies and statistics verified through multiple sources.

While I don’t have an aversion to guns, I believe all of us need a good understanding of how guns are more than just tools.  Because they are more that just tools.  It is objectively true that a gun has a different effect on our thoughts and behavior than a hammer, or a screwdriver, or a stapler.  Whether or not you believe you should have an unadulterated right to own a gun, you must acknowledge facts and reality.  So here are some facts!  Read them and make your own decisions.



A classic, especially because the show wasn’t expecting this song.  A great reminder that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, were, actually, punk as fuck.

Can a get a quick heck yeah!?


A band I never got into, but now, I wish I had.  This is such an interesting tune!